High Arctic
The High Arctic exhibit is a visual prediction of the Arctic environment in 2100AD as a response to a trip to Cape Farewell, Svalbard
Haptic Interaction
The Oxford dictionary defines Haptic as:
of or relating to the sense of touch; tactile.

However in design this can be expanded to include all of the senses which allows the audience to be fully engaged. Aside from allowing the user to be completely immersed in the design haptic interaction is often intuitive and requires no training on how to act within the space because there is a natural relationship with the information.

A problem that we face when presented with new technology is that we instinctively use it in the same way that its predecessor was used; in an interview with polaine.com, Malcolm Garrett compares the interactivity of TV to computers, "I would argue that television is a more important interactive medium, probably than the computer, because of this resistance to the computer."
Tesco AR
Absolut Blank Live
Absolut Blank Live was an event in which people were invited to create a piece of digital art using their movements to produce the imagery. The concept came from video director Saam Farahmand and was inspired by the

It All Starts with an Absolut Blank Campaign

Participants chose their favorite song and moved/danced to it. By tracking; the depth, velocity and silhouette, a real time trail would follow the movements of the dancer filling the canvas behind. The videos were then remixed by Jamie XX.
Tesco have also realised the power of physical computing and have included the option of viewing some of their products using augmented reality. Customers can use either the cover of the Tesco catalog or print out the 'AR marker' and point it at their webcam. a 3D rendering will appear on screen and will rotate based on the placement of the marker.
High Arctic is an exhibition that looks at the effects of global warming on the polar regions. Visitors are given a UV torch which has two main uses in the environment; to reveal the names of glaciers written on the tops of the columns, and to interact with projections cast on the floor.
The Kitchen Table of the Future
This 'table' demonstrates the natural relationship that the user has with haptic environments, the method of navigating through the articles requires little tuition. The way the phone and camera communicate through the table appears to follow a similar idea of connectivity found in Pachube.