Energy Monitoring
electricity usage monitored in a flat between 18:00 - 18:00
power outlet
flat floor plan
This is an image of the use of chargers (laptop and phone) in each of our bedrooms over the 24 hours. Each of the members of the group had a coloured spool of thread assigned to them. A circle with 24 points was mapped onto a wall using pins with each pin representing an hour of the clock. The times that our chargers were in use was mapped onto the clock using the thread along the outside of the pins.
Using the structure that was established in the group I extended the amount of information that was represented by adding further rings of data to the design. Each circle corresponds to values for different appliances in the bedrooms of the flat. This allows for comparisons to be made on the electricity consumption of different users. The design is user focused and allows for other participants to easily add their own readings to it.

The next stage was to alter the format to see if it would improve the clarity of the information. This design turns the lines into filled segments. The result is that the periods are much more defined and the overall clarity is improved.
To give a greater insight into the idea of monitoring and documenting data, as in Pachube, I recorded the times of when electrical items were in use in my flat over a 24 hour period.
Drawing With Thread
Debbie Smyth
Artist Debbie Smyth employs a similar technique using nails and thread to create her work.