Further Development
One way in which this concept could be expanded is to include more than one story. The flowchart on the right shows how the structure of the narrative might look if the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears was added. Both stories have similarities in how they start (in a forest) which means that the narrative could still begin from a single point. This means that the user does not have to choose which story to read before starting but instead 'falls' into one through the choices that he makes.
In examining this flow chart it became clear that the two stories overlap on more than just the opening scene, for example both have options where the girl is killed and eaten. This provides areas for remix between the two narratives where the user can jump from one character to another.

This is the 'attack girl' option from the wolf's story but it has a swap button added which would allow the user to jump from this frame to the 'attack girl' in the three bears story.

(far right)
This map shows the areas of overlap between the stories.